Gunter Primary School


Year 4 - Science

Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b

Moving and growing




Keeping warm


Solids and liquids and how they can be separated (4d)

Circuits and conductors




Children's Planning Sheet for experiments

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 Term 1a - Moving and Growing

Title Page  -  Vocabulary Mat Lesson Notes  -  Assessment - Class Record

Worksheets  -  Animal Skeletons    -  Muscles (uses Sassoon font - you may need to change)  -  Classifying animals

Powerpoints  -  General for the unit  -  Human Skeleton  -  Classification 

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Term 1b - Friction

Title Page Vocabulary Mat  -  Lesson Notes  -  General Powerpoint - Class Record

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Term 2a - Keeping Warm

Title Page  -  Vocabulary Mat  -  Lesson Notes - Class Record

Worksheets  -  Kitchen Conductors  -   Ordering temperatures  -  Snake spiral  -  Conductors / insulators  -  Thermal Insulators experiment  -  Glossary  -  Display pages 

Powerpoint - General for the unit 

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Term 2b - Solids and liquids

Title Page  -  Vocabulary Mat  -  Lesson Notes  -  Assessment - Class Record

General worksheet  -  General Powerpoint

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Term 3a - Circuits and conductors

Title Page  -  Vocabulary Mat  -  Lesson Notes  -  Parent Notes - Class Record

General powerpoint for the unit

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Term 3b - Habitats

Title Page  -  Vocabulary Mat  -  Lesson Plan - Class Record

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